Climate Rush

Government will hike rail fares a massive 31% over the next 5 years.  It’s the biggest hike in a generation.  Focus public attention on this unfair fare hike by joining Climate Rush on an Unfair Fare Dodge.

Join our Railway Adventure.

We want affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly transport for the UK.

So say, Yes to Reasonable Rail Fares!

Yes to easy to use ticketing!

Yes to well managed comfortable Trains!

If you would like to come and wave off (or join our UNFAIR FARE DODGE) then please meet for a Railway Rally under The Monument, Fish Street Hill, London at 12noon on Saturday 16th April.  Bring jam sandwiches, your Oyster card and an appetite for adventure.

Keen cyclist? Why not join our pedal possie?

You can find this event on Facebook too, follow this link and get all your friends involved: